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Piligrim (universal) side bags from MottoVoron® for attachment in the tail of a motorcycle, to side frames or the frame. The bags have a variable volume, as well as a convenient QUICK-RELEASE fastening system.


Side bags are made of special textiles designed for harsh conditions. Inside the bag there are built-in PVC sheets for better sealing and durability.

The removable outer PVC plate can be replaced during operation and is necessary so that the textiles do not rub against the frame and do not get dirt / water from under the wheels.


What you get when you buy MottoVoron® Universal Side Bags:

  • quick-detachable design. Now, while traveling, you do not need to try to untie the "dried" and dirty belts, but simply unfasten the fasteners and take the bags;
  • bags have a similar design as in hermetic bags, but they radically differ from them in greater practicality with less tightness. You can fold them as you like and they will not crack like PVC;
  • for safety, special reflective tapes are installed on all sides;
  • the volume of a set of bags can be increased from 32 liters to 70 liters (increase in the height and depth of the bag);
  • all accessories are fromthe Japanese company YKK;
  • a special fastening system for connecting the left and right bags can change the length (near the fastener and the "ring" on the bag) to set the fastener in the best position (under the seat or closer to the frame);
  • thanks to the upper tightening straps, you can easily install a pad, sleeping bag or something else voluminous and lightweight on top of the bag.


Features of Piligrim side bags:

  • Useful volume (set of bags): 32 - 70 liters

Total dimensions of the bag (1 pc.):

  • Height - 650 mm
  • Width - 350 mm
  • Depth - 170 mm

Bag dimensions (1 pc.) With a useful volume:
Minimum volume:

  • Height - 450 mm
  • Width - 350 mm
  • Depth - 100 mm

Maximum volume:

  • Height - 550 mm
  • Width - 350 mm
  • Depth - 170 mm

The weight of a set of bags is 2500g.

The kit includes all necessary straps and hardware for installation.