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BMW F800GS (2013-2018) сrash bars engine guard is:



The crash bars are designed to protect the plastic, engine and frame of the motorcycle during falls. Reduces repair costs.


Safety and roadside assistance:

Crash bars are installed only on the factory mounting points without additional modifications (When ordering the product, make sure that your motorcycle has the same model, year of manufacture and standard appearance as in the photo). The kit includes all the necessary hardware for installation.






Crash bars and engine guards are made of certified metal pipes of a special alloy.


Does not fit on F800GSA (Adventure).


- pipe diameter: 25 mm

- pipe thickness: 1,5 mm




Our products are coated with durable polymer powder paint with additional wear-resistant layer. Color selection is FREE. The product is available in standard black color. When choosing a different color, the term of production is within 15 working days.

Brief installation guide for the arcs for the BMW F800GS


1.    Remove the side trim.
2.    Check the compatibility of the right and left sides of the crash bars
3.    Remove the engine mounting bolts on the right side (pay attention to the special distance bushings between the frame and the engine. If they are not installed in place, the engine block will be damaged when tightening the bolts !!!)
4.    Set the right side of the crash bars.
5.    Remove engine mounting bolts on left side.
6.    Set the left side of the crash bars.
7.    Insert one into one part evenly without distortion. You may need to apply force.
8.    Fasten the right and left parts together with bolts and nuts.
9.    Tighten all fasteners and joints
10.    Install cladding

Places where fasteners are installed

1. Top right front mount:
M12x120 bolt, washer f12mm, sleeve 67mm
2. Upper left front mount:
 M12x100 bolt, washer f12mm, sleeve 41mm.
3. Upper right rear mount:
M10x110 bolt, washer f10mm, sleeve 33 mm
4. Upper left rear mount:
        M10x90 bolt, washer f10mm, sleeve 49mm.
5. The mount that connects the left and right arcs:
        M8x50 bolt 2pcs. M8 nut 2pcs.


General recommendations for installing products from MottoVoron

When you receive your order, make sure that the package with fasteners is included. Until you find them, do not throw away the packaging.

Before installation, make sure that your technical skills and tools are sufficient to complete the process without any problems. Otherwise, it is better to contact a specialized service for help.

When installing all-welded luggage systems and side frames, on most motorcycles, it is necessary to "release" the mounting of the passenger footrest bracket in order to move it.

Installation of protective arcs on some models requires removal of plastic.

A successful installation is when the product is installed on the motorcycle without "tension" and additional metal tension. It is in this case that the product you bought will please you for many years and will protect the motorcycle in case of a possible fall.

Our team is always ready to help with the installation of our products purchased online. If something goes wrong with your installation, it's better to let us know and our specialists will help promptly.